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If you’d rather troubleshoot the issue you’re experiencing yourself, we have extensive online resources where you can search user guides, release notes, and technical tips, and more.

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Enable Remote Tech Support

The quickest and easiest support option is to simply launch your Vera dashboard, go to Settings > Customer Care > Enable Remote Access, then open up a support ticket including the codes provided.


Please describe the issue as thoroughly as possible, how to reproduce it, and most importantly, leave a contact method and the best time for our Customer Care Team to reach you.


If you are not able to access your dashboard, use this email link. Be sure to provide the serial number of your Vera Smart Home Controller and describe the issue as thoroughly as possible.


We’ll respond as quickly as possible and resolve your issue.

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Vera Control, Ltd strives to build the very best products possible. But every now and then, you may need a little assistance. Please browse our online support topics and resources to get familiar with our solutions.


If you still have questions, rest assured, we are here to help.


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