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VeraSentinel Intelligent Camera Management service is a better way to manage all your security video recordings. Whether you are archiving your video recordings, or setting up Hot Zones* to focus the areas in your home that automatically trigger recordings, or glancing at your mobile device to check all your cameras, VeraSentinel will insure you are always in touch with your home.

Easily record your video, find it, view it, and save it with cloud storage — all with no contracts or commitments.


* Hot Zones currently available with VistaCam 700, 900, 1000 & 1101



Each camera can trigger automated recordings for specific areas within the camera’s field of view. You define which zones are “hot” to trigger a recording if there’s movement. You’ll get specific, meaningful notifications.


Flag video recordings to save in the cloud indefinitely on your VeraDrive cloud storage account.


View up to six cameras at once from your Vera app. You can easily see what’s up from your phone, tablet, or computer.


More video storage means there’s no worrying that important recordings may get deleted. With the Platinum Plan, you get unlimited storage; with the Gold Plan, you get 2GB of total storage. Both the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan video files are stored on secure, hardware-encrypted VeraDrive cloud storage.


Add VeraSentinel Intelligent Camera Management to your Vera account whenever you want, even a month at a time, and stop the service when you want. There are no contracts.


Saving to the cloud means protection from theft and fire. Subscribers can use their existing Google Drive or OneDrive accounts to save camera video files (as an alternative to the included VeraDrive service).

How to get started?

Start by going to the VeraSentinel dashboard in the Vera app and selecting a Platinum or Gold Plan. Follow the easy activation steps- it takes less than 5 minutes. Once activated, you can immediately access the features and your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.

Don’t have a Vera Home Controller?

Note:The UI7 Vera app is required for services. When you have a VeraEdge, VeraPlus or VeraSecure Controller, you’re automatically on UI7.
Older controller models may require updating to UI7 first, or replacing the controller.

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