Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

With an interactive touchscreen that can be programmed right at the lock, Yale’s Real Living deadbolt is very easy to use and put in and even boasts voice-guided assistance. It can be installed with a screwdriver and fits in a regular deadbolt lock space. The lock’s privacy mode feature allows for locking out all users, while the auto relock function causes the deadbolt to re-lock once 30 seconds have passed, and the tamper alarm goes off when the wrong code is put in multiple times. The touchscreen is also illuminated so not a strain to use at night. The lock has 12 buttons in the pattern of a standard phone layout, and it’s a snap to set up PIN codes for new users, adding an extra level of convenience to home security. The touchscreen is weather-resistant, and the voice guide can be used with English, Spanish, or French.

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