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Ideal for apartments or small homes, the Vera Edge makes it possible for your smart devices to talk with each other—which means your home can take care of the little things and ensure it’s always just the way you like it.

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Save time every day

There’s no need to feel rushed on your way out the door, simply tap Away in your Vera App to turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock the doors with a single touch.

Stay in touch from anywhere

Add cameras, motion sensors, and more—then ask Vera to alert you when the kids get home or something unexpected requires your attention.

Works with the devices you already own

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Voice Assistants
Door Locks
Light Bulbs
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Get set up in no time

Take advantage of Vera Easy Start, a personalized, guided installation service that helps you get your Vera system up and running in under an hour.

Control your home with a tap

The Vera app for iOS and Android features an intuitive interface to help you keep your home exactly as you like it.

Vera Edge

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Begin with a Vera Edge, add cameras or other devices, download the app, and see how much easier life can be.

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Tech specs
Wireless protocols
Z-Wave Plus


802.11 a/b/g/n/ac




NAND 128 MB Flash memory

DDR2 128MB RAM memory


1 USB Port 2.0

1 WAN Port 10/100 Ethernet

Devices to control

Up to 220

Additional functions
Battery Backup

External (Sold separately)

Cellular Backup

External (Sold separately)


4.55in (115.6mm)


3.13in (79.5mm)


1.2in (30.1mm)


AC 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz


DC 12V/1A

What’s in the box

Vera Edge controller

Power Supply

Ethernet Cable

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  • Ezlo Atom

    Next generation home control

  • Vera Plus

    Create a more powerful smart home

    • Built-in Battery
    • Cellular Backup
    • Siren Alarm

    Vera Secure

    Make your home smarter and safer

  • Compare controllers

    Every Vera home needs a controller - compare them all to see which one is right for you.

  • Compare controllers

    Every Vera home needs a controller - compare them all to see which one is right for you.

Frequently asked questions

A Vera controller is the foundation of your smart home. It is what enables the other devices in your home to communicate with each other to create a 'smart home.' Our controllers are compatible with smart devices from many brands, so you can add sensors, switches, thermostats, and more to your Vera controller.

The Vera Edge Home Controller is our most affordable way to start a smart home. It's ideal for apartments or smaller homes, and it's compatible with the most common smart home technologies—Z-Wave and Wi-Fi—which makes it easy to expand your system over time. The VeraPlus offers more power and processing speed, enabling simultaneous control of more devices. In addition to Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, it's also compatible with Zigbee and Bluetooth devices, giving you more options for smart devices you can integrate into your home. Our Vera Secure combines the best of home control with the best of home security, including compaitibility with all four key protocols, and features a built-in siren alarm, backup battery and a backup cellular connection in the event of power or internet loss.

Extremely secure. The Z-Wave security implementation features 128-bit encryption, and is also used by some of the world's most security-conscious companies, including major lock manufacturers.

To maximize compatibility. Our philosophy is quite simple: We think you should be able to choose your preferred brand and model of thermostat, door lock, sensor, and other smart devices. Unlike other companies that constrain your ability to use products outside their ecosystem, we believe you should be able to use any device from any brand—and we're integrating more products every day.

Keep in mind that Vera uses at least two wireless communication systems: Wi-Fi for cameras and Z-Wave for most other devices. Your Wi-Fi cameras should work wherever in your home or office you can use your mobile device. When needed, you can add a Wi-Fi range extender. Z-Wave and Zigbee devices automatically create mesh networks, so for best results you should ensure that at least one device is within 25 feet of your controller, and the next device within at least 25 feet of that one, and so on.

Yes. Your Vera system works all the time, even when your internet service goes down. You will not be able to access the system remotely, but the system will continue to work—and if equipped with cellular backup capability, your Vera system can also send out text and/or email notifications without Internet.

No. Vera Home Controllers are sold with our commitment that no monthly fees are required, and this will not change. You can self-monitor your system using the Vera App for no charge, but if you'd like to add additional services or layers of security, such as oura VeraProtect Professional Monitoring Service, you can do so on a monthly or yearly basis, with fees that are in-line with, and often more affordable than, those you might get through traditional security companies.

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