Fortrezz Flow Meter 75'' Z-Wave Plus

GET YOUR WATER BILLS UNDER CONTROL!With the Flowmeter, you have the power to automate, manage water consumption, and DETECT LEAKS in your home or building.This is an integral part of a complete water management solution.Flow Meter tracks water usage and reports gallons used.

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Power: 5 volts (nominal) DC from regulated Power supply @~ 500mAcapability with optional AA alkaline battery (2) backup
Battery Life (without AC Mains): 40 hours depending on battery capacity/quality and no alarms and default Z-Wave network settings. The FMI typically is not powered by the AA batteries. The batteries are optional; they will keep the FMI functional during short power outages and will maintain continuity of the water usage data for customers who prefer to have historical usage data. The battery life while running on AC main power is generally the normal shelf life.
Distance Range: Max 100ft line of sight in unobstructed environment
Enclosure Size (LxWxD): 3"" (76 mm) x 2.1"" (53mm) x 1.1"" (30mm)
Weight: 0.25 lb (110 g)
Operating Temperature: -10⁰C (14F) to +70⁰C (158F)
Input Signal 1 (SIG1):Digital Input 0 to 16V DC, minimum 32 ms high or low time.