Dome Water Leak Sensor

The Dome Home Automation Wireless Z-Wave Leak Sensor with Remote Probe helps you cap leaks before they turn into gushes, so you can keep a lid on the amount of money you spend on water-related repairs. Use this battery-powered, smart-home leak detector anywhere you need to monitor water lines for potential problems. Its low-profile design allows you to hook it up underneath appliances and a 4-foot range remote sensor probe makes it easier to monitor water activity in hard-to-reach places like sump pumps. The Water leak sebsir sends you customized alerts via your connected Vera hub. Shut off main valves and take action when required.

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Z-Wave Plus Certified
Beeps and sends Z-Wave notification when water is detected
Thin profile—can fit under appliances
Remote Sensor Probe with 4’ extension for hard-to-reach areas
Up to 150’ range
Low Battery Indication
Good to place near washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, or
your indoor garden to alert you of any leaky accidents!

Radio protocol Z-Wave(500 series)
Power supply Single CR14250 3.0V battery
Power Consumption 0.13W
Working current 35mA
Operating temperature 32—104 °F (0—40 °C)
Radio frequency 908.4 MHz US