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Product Code: AL-DSC11-ZWUS
Energy, Z-Wave


The power of Z-Wave control, amplified. Whether for your home office or home theatre or anywhere else you have a need for a power board, Smart Strip empowers your electronics with all the Z-Wave functionality you’d expect and all the protection they need.

On this one smart board, you’ll find 6 power outlets. Each is monitored by Aeotec’s reliable energy-metering technology, with power consumption reported back to your Z-Wave network for perfect energy management. Four of the outlets can be individually and wirelessly controlled via Z-Wave. That’s the control and intelligence you’d expect. On top of that you’ll find the protection you need, with all 6 power outlets benefiting from surge protection and over-current protection.

With Aeotec’s Smart Strip, your electronics are made Z-Wave and they’re made safe.

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Compatible Vera Controllers

VeraPlus Advanced Home Controller
VeraEdge Home Controller
VeraLite Home Controller
VeraLite G
VeraLite G Home Controller
Vera3 Home Controller

Known Issues

Wattage is not reported for each of the 4 controllable outlets as explained in the manual.
Status is not updated when the physical button is pressed, child devices will remain with the same status until they are polled by the controller.
The Technical Team at Aeotec have been notified of these issues and are working aggressively to address them. We will update this notice as more information becomes available, or they have resolved the issue(s).

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