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All devices on this page have been fully tested by our expert staff and are approved for use with Vera controllers. Other devices may still be used, but their compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

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Everything you need to start a smart home

Keep Both Eyes Out Starter Kit
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
2 x VistaCam 700 Indoor, High-Definition Camera
1 x Vera Easy Start
Home Security Bundle
1 x VeraSecure Home Controller
1 x Centralite Keypad
2 x Philio Door/Window Sensors
2 x Linear LED Light Bulb
1 x Vera Easy Start
Powerful Starter Kit
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
2 x Philio Door/Window Sensors
1 x Linear Light Bulb
1 x Vera Easy Start
Keep An Eye Out Starter Kit
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
1 x VistaCam 700 Indoor, High-Definition Camera
1 x Vera Easy Start
Control, Camera and More
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
2 x Philio Door /Window Sensors
2 x Philio Motion Sensors
1 x VistaCam 700 Indoor Wi-Fi Camera
1 x Vera Easy Start
Security and Savings Kit
1 x VeraPlus Home Controller
1 x Linear Door/Window Sensor
1 x Philio PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Linear Siren & Strobe
1 x Vera Easy Start
Get The Door Starter Kit
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
1 x Danalock Smart Door Lock
1 x Vera Easy Start
Energy Saver Starter Kit
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
1 x Remotec Smart Thermostat
1 x GoControl Energy Monitoring Smart Switch
1 x Vera Easy Start

Frequently asked questions

You can use Repeaters and Range-Extenders. Repeaters and range-extenders are protocol-specific, meaning a Z-Wave repeater will not extend the range of your ZigBee or Wi-Fi devices. For this reason, if you need a repeater, you will need to know which wireless protocol the device uses. After determining that a device is out of range, add a repeater for that protocol about halfway between the controller and the device.

These are the different communication protocols that allow smart devices to talk with each other. The two communication systems available on all Vera Controllers are Z-Wave and IP (Internet Protocol, as used in Wi-Fi and LAN connections.) Most security sensors, such as motion detectors and door/window sensors, use Z-Wave, because it requires very little power, has excellent security built-in, and it's very robust (technically, Z-Wave is a 'mesh network' with built-in redundancy that ensures signals get through.) Most cameras use Wi-Fi/LAN IP connections because they provide the bandwidth needed to send video signals. Depending on your Vera Controller model, you can also control devices using the Zigbee communication protocol.

While most of the Certified Z-Wave devices should work out of the box with your Vera system, some devices feature advanced capabilities that require additional implementation by our development team in order to work. We have implemented advanced features for many devices, and are always adding to our compatibility list to ensure you can use as many devices as possible with your Vera system. For a complete list of devices that we know will work out of the box with your Vera unit please see

For the most part, no. Most smart appliances plug in just like your regular ones. If you replace a standard light switch with a smart one, the wiring will be similar to replacing it with a basic switch. The only exception is with some smart thermostats, which require a C-wire (that stands for common wire). These are usually black or blue wires that can bring electricity to the thermostat.

Most often people use smart homes to control lights, thermostats, and sensors—but it really depends on what you're looking for. When in doubt, we always recommend that you start small, with just a few Vera-compatible products. Then you can grow your system over time.

Comfort with your new smart home is as easy as saying: 'Alexa, lights ON!' Research has shown that the preferred way of controlling any smart home is by voice. You can control smart bulbs, followed by smart home hubs, thermostats and cameras.

Z-Wave and Zigbee are efficient devices and require very little power. Manufacturers claim that most of the sensors and battery operated devices will last between 2 to 10 years, depending on usage.

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