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Simplify Life with MyLiftMaster

If you are looking for the ultimate in garage door automation, the LiftMaster range of garage door openers are ideal. with plenty of functions and the ability to improve security for your home, this is a great product that uses state of the art technology to make your life easier.



The LiftMaster range of garage door openers are not only impressive to look at, but have plenty of great features to offer. They are durable, reliable, and highly effective in terms of securing your garage entrances. You can enjoy a safer garage door automation system, and one that can provide you with a lot more value for money when you install a LiftMaster garage door opener. 

One of the great benefits of using a LiftMaster garage door opener is that you can also benefit from using the myQ system. This MyLiftMaster system allows you to always be connected and keep any eye on your garage, no matter where you are. It can really turn your house into a smart home.

What Is MyLiftMaster?

MyLiftMaster or myQ is the way you connect with your LiftMaster garage door system from your mobile phone. With a very convenient app, myQ allows you to connect your garage door opener, gate operator or commercial door operator conveniently via the Internet.

With myQ connectivity, you can control your garage opener right from your smartphone or through LiftMaster’s cloud-based software. You'll know when a door or gate has been left open and can close it with a tap, no matter where you are. This is a great benefit for anyone with a LiftMaster system.

Here are a few great features of the myQ system:

  • Real-time alerts. Get notified when your garage door opens and closes so that you know when someone leaves the home or comes back.

  • Remote access. Open, close and check the status of your garage door from anywhere.

  • Secure packages with Key by Amazon. Eligible Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas now have access to Key by Amazon in-garage delivery. It's as simple as linking your myQ account in the Key app.
  • Invite guests. Securely invite up to three guests to control your myQ connected garage door openers and lights from their own myQ app and login info.

  • Daily schedules.  Preset days and times for the garage door to close or the lights to turn on/off.

LiftMaster has also teamed up with various smart home providers to allow for more control on their platforms. Get enhanced features such as voice control and location based control with a partner app. There are many LiftMaster garage door openers that are compatible with myQ and this means you’ll get the best technology with reliable and durable systems.


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