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Floating Pool Lights to Elevate Outdoor Decor

            Having your own swimming pool at home brings about so much luxury. While others pay and endure the agonies of public pools and expensive resorts, you just go to your backyard if you want to take a cooling dip, or perhaps a few laps that can count as exercise. You also have the option to hold pool parties, rather than the usual celebrations for birthdays or anniversaries. Have you considered sprucing up the pool area by using floating pool lights? While there are a lot of outdoor lighting options out there, using swimming pool lights to decorate your pool is a unique idea that will set your backyard apart in a neighborhood of string lights and pendant patio lighting. Using the best pool lights for your swimming pool will make your yard even more inviting, and heightens up the celebratory feel of your outdoors even if it’s a regular day. Let’s discuss floating pool lights further, and why these options for outdoor lighting are fun ones, and many more.

Floating Pool Lights

Various Decor Options

            Putting on swimming pool lights kinda screams, “There is a pool. Use it!” During pool parties, especially with kids around, the pool becomes an enticing area to be at especially when colorful floating pool lights are around. The best pool lights for you may be hard to decide, as there are various options. There are the common LED balls of floating pool lights that go along with the flow of the pool. These may be the best pool lights for you as they are more versatile in usage. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, there are these swimming pool lights that emit colorful rays all the way to the bottom of the pool, and these are the best pool lights particularly for above-ground pools because the more shallow surface works makes the lighting vibrant. When shopping for floating pool lights, just ask your salesperson for the best pool lights they have. Depending on the size of your pool and how long you plan to use your lights, deciding the best pool lights for you is integral. But know that there are many options for swimming pool lights.

Pool Safety 

            Are swimming pool lights safe for use? When it comes to pool safety, there are no worst or best pool lights (supposedly). Floating pool lights are designed so that they can be left turned on even if there are people swimming in the pool. Issues of electrocution or short circuits are supposed to be avoided in the manufacturing of your swimming pool lights, so you don’t have to worry. Also, your swimming pool lights are designed to float and never sink. These floating pool lights are designed so that they won’t block swimming pool drainage holes or jets. You are prepared to have the best pool lights experience with any floating pool lights you choose.

Energy Options 

            There are two common energy options when it comes to floating pool lights: solar or battery-operated. Solar powered swimming pool lights soak up the sun in the day, and emit lights when the night comes and while the party continues on. Battery-operated floating pool lights are also viable, especially for indoor pools that do not receive as much sunlight as outdoor pools. Deciding the best pool lights when it comes to energy options is something to consider before purchase.

Go Out of the Pool 

            What’s also nice about your floating pool lights is that they may be used in order places of the house. For houses with outdoor or indoor ponds, your swimming pool lights will float just as well, and illuminate areas just as beautifully. Imagine indoor streams or waterfalls adorned by the best pool lights out there, and how they look like with lesser lighting than the outdoors. How about putting your best pool lights on aquariums or terrariums? The quaint lighting reflects well on glass. Perhaps, you may also dry up your swimming pool lights and use them as regular decorations: as centerpieces to outdoor tables, side pieces for stairs, and so on. Floating pool lights are versatile decors, too.

Vera’s Lighting Options 

            Coming up with the best pool lights for your use will have to entail you to use the best lighting options. To make sure your swimming pool lights are of the best quality, head on over to our catalogue here at Vera. We’ve picked out the best lighting options to aid you in coming up with swimming pool lights that are both functional and decorative.


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