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Smarter Security Basic

The most affordable way to get started with Vera and keep your home safe, this bundle pairs our Ezlo Atom with a multi-sensor that gives you four times the peace of mind by monitoring motion, humidity, temperature, and light from a single device.

• Ezlo Atom Smart Home Controller

• 4 in 1 Multisensor


Smarter Lighting Basic

Pair our new Ezlo Atom controller with an LED bulb and motion sensor to light up your entryway before you arrive and get alerted whenever unusual activity is detected. 


• Ezlo Atom Smart Home Controller

• Z-wave LED bulb

• Motion Sensor


Smarter Monitoring Basic

Even when you're away, your Vera home will keep an eye out for leaks, motion, and changes in humidity, temperature, and lighting conditions.

• Ezlo Atom Smart Home Controller

• 4 in 1 Multisensor

• Flood & Temperature Sensor


Smarter Home Climate

Start small with our Ezlo Atom controller and a smart thermostat to make sure your home—or second home—is always comfortable when you arrive. Thermostat features ultra-long battery life so you can set it and forget it.

• Ezlo Atom Smart home Controller

• GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat


Keep An Eye Out Starter Kit

Get the peace of mind you’ve been wanting—and save 40%, on this controller camera bundle that helps you feel like you’re home, even when you’re not. Includes Vera Easy Start service.

• VeraEdge Home Controller 

• VistaCam 700 Indoor Camera 

• Vera Easy Start


Energy Saver Starter Kit

Start creating a more energy efficient home with this bundle that features a smart thermostat and energy monitoring smart switch for over 30% off. Includes Vera Easy Start service.


• VeraEdge Home Controller

• Remotec Smart Thermostat

• GoControl Energy Monitoring Smart Switch

• Vera Easy Start


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