Top 6 Reasons to become an Ezlo Reseller

See what makes us different and how we can help you grow your business.

1. Our platform works with almost everything

Which helps you enable the services and experiences your customers want.

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2. Your customers get a path to growth

The greater their potential lifetime value,  the stronger your business becomes.

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3. We offer one-stop shopping

Save time on ordering with our full product lineup plus third party devices.

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4. We're growing faster than anyone

Our innovation means your customers will always have the latest technology.

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5. Live support when you need it

For you and your customers,  16 hours a day, 

7 days a week.

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6. Exclusive New Reseller Deals

Get two ways to save on your initial order!

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Innovation is in our name

If you want your customers to have the latest technology, there’s nowhere else to be than Ezlo Innovation. We’re creating more IP, and have more patents, than any other company in the space. We have an open, federated API that encourages our development community to design amazing features, and in the past two years we’ve made three acquisitions to strengthen our platform. In an industry where companies come and go, Ezlo is here to stay.

We work with almost everything

 Our brand promise is to work with every commercially available Z-Wave and Zigbee device, that's thousands of devices! Plus we work with the 28,000 Wi-Fi devices you can connect via your voice assistants, and we are the only IoT company that lets users send commands between different voice platforms. Does anyone else let you use Siri to trigger an action via Alexa? We don’t think so.

Offer a path to growth

Where else can you get your customers started with a $29.95 Z-Wave hub or go all the way to a multi-radio hub with built-in security features like cellular and battery backup? With a powerful app that enables advanced scene creation and incredible voice control, your customers will keep coming back to grow their Ezlo system, which means more long-term revenue for your business.

Save time on ordering

We don’t just sell controllers. Our product line includes cameras, thermostats, sensors, water damage prevention solutions, and more—plus we sell a huge range of 3rd party devices to give your customers more choice, and give you the ability to build the smart home system they want from a single order.



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Centralite Devices

Expert Customer Service

Our bi-lingual Customer Care team is available 7 days a week to answer questions in English or Spanish from you or your customers. This gives you more time to acquire new costumes while we help out the customers you already have.

Exclusive New Reseller Deals

With new products and new features being released all the time, we're constantly offering new resellers the chance to experience our platform for themselves. Ask our sales team about our current offers and see why Ezlo is the fastest growing home automation company in North America.

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About Ezlo

Ezlo Innovation delivers best-in-class connected solutions to homes and businesses on a global scale. Its family of brands, which includes Vera, MiOS, Fortrezz, and Centralite has nearly 50 combined years of experience in home automation and offers a broad range of devices across multiple communications protocols.