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What You’ll Get When You Switch

What You’ll Get When You Switch

  • 30% off any Vera controller

  • 6 discounted device bundles to choose from

  • 30 minutes of FREE virtual onboarding assistance with our Vera Easy Start service to ensure a smooth transition

Why Should You Switch?

Already Integrated

With Many

Iris-Compatible Devices



Easy To Use, Flexible

Platform With Local

And Remote Controls

In Business Since

2008, And We’re Not

Going Anywhere

See What Iris Users Are Saying

“I have been an Iris customer for years. Had I known how easy the conversion was to Vera, and how much better its products and customer support were, I would have switched a long time ago. As it turns out, Lowe’s did me a great favor in abandoning its Iris system. 

Gene C. — Phoenix, AZ  2/8/19

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To make the switch to Vera or get more details about compatibility with your own system, please contact our Customer Care team at 866.966.2272 or [email protected]

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