GoControl Wall Switch

The GoControl WS15Z5-1 Z-Wave Wall Switch lets you control any permanently-installed lighting or AC-powered device by simply replacing your existing wall-mounted on/off switch with this GoControl Smart Switch. The switch also acts as a repeater to extend the reach of your Z-Wave network by up to an additional 130 feet (via line of sight).

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Depending on the capability of the Controller or gateway software, the following
operations can be performed with the WS15Z5-1. Refer to the Controller or gateway
manual for details.
• Turn the load ON and OFF.
• Add or Remove the WS15Z5-1.
• Assign the WS15Z5-1 to a specific Group/Scene and/or to include the load as part of
ALL ON or ALL OFF system commands.

Maximum Load:Resistive: 15 amps (1800 watts) max., 120 VAC 
Motor: 1/2 H.P. maximum, 120 VAC 
Incandescent: 600W maximum, 120 VAC
Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz, 9.6Kbps or 40Kbps capable
Range: Up to 100 feet between the wireless controller and/or the closest Z-Wave device
Input: 120v 15A 60Hz
Z-Wave Version 4.55
Network wide inclusion
Scene: Command class
Security beaming
Requires a Neutral
Replaceable trim ring design