Announcing: New Vera Control VistaCams

FIVE New Vera Control VistaCams Are Here

VistaCam 800, VistaCam 900, VistaCam 1000, VistaCam 1101, VistaCam 1200

All VistaCam purchases, including the VistaCam 700, will receive one month of our NEW Advanced Camera Management service on us!

Here's a breakdown of our new VistaCams: VistaCam 800 Smart BabyCam

Keep an eye on your little one from anywhere with this easy to setup Wi-Fi camera. It features a crisp HD picture, a motion sensor, micro SD slot, a temperature sensor, and even a music player.

VistaCam 900 Wireless Full HD Indoor Camera

The elegant VistaCam 900 delivers full HD video, even in total darkness. Wide field of view keeps an eye on your living room, pets, small business, or any other indoor location. Features easy one-button WPS Wi-Fi setup, motion detection for automated recording, and powerful IR night illumination.

VistaCam 1000 High Definition Waterproof Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

With easy Wi-Fi setup, waterproof case, infrared night illumination and HD picture quality, VistaCam 1000 is perfect for outdoor camera applications such as patios, driveways and garages where AC power is nearby. Features motion detection for automated recording.

VistaCam 1101 Full HD Weatherproof Outdoor Camera

VistaCam 1101 is the rugged outdoor camera you can use anywhere, for full-HD video you can view and record with stunning clarity, even at night. Featuring simple hookup using a standard Ethernet cable, VistaCam 1101 is POE- powered over ethernet cable from the nearest outlet. Built-in microphone, IR night illumination, and motion detection for automatic recording. Great for driveway, garage, yard, etc.

VistaCam 1200 HD Doorbell Camera

See who’s at the door from your smart phone or computer with our first doorbell camera. Featuring easy Wi-Fi setup, a 180° Field of View, the ability to have a two-way conversation, and even a motion detector.

New Vera Advanced Camera Management Service

Take your security camera video to the next level with advanced features that work with all the cameras in your Vera Control system:
  • HOT ZONES: Your cameras can trigger automated recordings for specific customized areas within each camera's field of view.
  • VIDEO ARCHIVING: Select video recordings to save indefinitely on your VeraDrive cloud storage account (included).
  • MULTI-CAMERA FRIENDLY: View up to six cameras at once at the top of your Vera Dashboard app.
  • CAMERA COMPATIBLE: ACM works with all Vera VistaCam modes as well as most other brands and models of Wi-Fi and IP security cameras.
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: The Platinum Plan provides unlimited hardware-encrypted VeraDrive cloud storage. With the Gold Plan you get 2GB total storage.
  • CLOUD CONNECTIONS: Gold Plan subscribers may save camera video files using existing Google Drive or One Drive accounts (as an alternative to VeraDrive).

Advanced Camera Management helps keep your home or small business more secure. Or use ACM to automatically record pets, or anything else.

Vera Advanced Camera Management is an in-app purchase available with all current Vera Controller models (order ACM from the Services tab on the left of the Vera Dashboard.)

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