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Apple iOS

Got an iPhone or iPad? Or both? This free app turns either into a friendly controller for your Vera system, no matter how big or small it is.  With the simplicity that you’re already used to from your iOS device, you can monitor and control any or all the devices in your setup.  You can set text and email alerts, create scenes from anywhere and watch and listen to live video from your home.

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Google Android

Enjoy the world of simple home control from your Android phone or tablet with this app. It lets you monitor and control any or all of your Vera system from anywhere, using any of hundreds of different smartphones. You can turn devices on or off or adjust them remotely. You can set text and email alerts, create scenes on the fly and watch and listen to live video from your home.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Have a Nest thermostat? Monitor and control it with this free, community sourced, plug-in.


DSC Alarm Panel

A free plug-in that controls popular DSC Power Series alarm panels.


MiOS Weather

Who says nobody ever does anything about the weather? We did.


Plugins let you add new devices, features, and functionality to your Vera Smart home Controller with just a click. From alarms, to cameras, to thermostats, the possibilities are endless. Expandability has never been so easy.


Looking for a larger customer base, or a revenue stream for your applications? Want to showcase new apps or or refine existing ones with new plug-ins? Or just looking for greater exposure for your work?

The emerging MiOS Application Marketplace will let you offer new MiOS plug-ins and applications free or for a fee. Whether you’re a manufacturer, integrator, service provider, or an independent developer looking to expand your business possibilities, MiOS makes it easy for you.

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