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Save Up To $125 On Vera Security Bundles

Powerful Starter Kit

Security & Savings

Pro Security Package

No Monthly Fees. No Contracts. No Hassles.

Why pay another monthly bill that you don’t need? The ongoing fees from our competitors add up quickly and cost you big time. With Vera, there are no monthly fees – just everyday benefits!


We make technology work for you, not the other way around. Simple and secure wireless set up makes things fast and easy, right out of the box.

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In the first year alone, our system can easily pay for itself next to the competition. And because you don’t have any ongoing fees, you’ll save even more every year.

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Vera is about freedom of choice. While the other guys lock you into their systems, we don’t! We’re compatible with over 900+ Z-Wave Certified Devices.

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World Class Support

With Vera, you’re really in control, and we’ll always be right behind you. Our support team is there to answer any questions you may have, no matter how simple or complex.

Rock Solid Framework

The Vera system uses a proven and reliable world-standard wireless technology called Z-Wave. It works much like Wi-Fi does, but it is specifically designed for home automation.

Powerful Customization

Vera lets you control all aspects of your system, so you can easily create the scenario that you desire. From basic to complex.

How We Stack Up to the Competition

Save Time and Money, with Vera

  • Hardware Cost
  • Activation Fee
  • Installation Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  • Annual Contract Cost
  • Total First Year Cost
  • Savings with Vera
  • Competitor A
    • $799.95
    • -
    • $199.95
    • $39.95
    • $470.40
    • $1479.30
    • $879.35
  • Competitor B
    • $399.95
    • -
    • $499.95
    • $49.95
    • $599.40
    • $1498.35
    • $898.40
  • Competitor C
    • $1599.95
    • $25.00
    • $399.95
    • $57.99
    • $695.88
    • $2719.88
    • $2119.93

What Our Customers Say About Us

Every Day More and More People are Living Smarter with Vera

  • I was looking for a monitoring system for our vacation home without a monthly fee. I have now replaced my alarm provider with the Vera system that I can control and monitor.

    Gene Nelson
    Gene NelsonOmaha, Nebraska
  • I love my Vera because now I can lock my doors, shut off all the lights, and turn down the thermostat all with one click of a button. Amazing!

    Carol DeWitt
    Carol DeWittOcala, Florida
  • Vera allowed me to keep tabs on my vacation home at Tahoe. Locks, lights, climate. Vera does it all. Thanks for a great solution, without the monthly fee.

    J. Williams
    J. WilliamsIncline Village, Nevada

Smart Home, Made Easy

With over 900+ Certified Partner Products, There is No Limit to What Vera Can Do for You

  • Security

    Why pay high monthly costs for advanced home security when you don’t have to? Our security products let you do more, for less! From locks, to motion, to high definition cameras, we’ve got you covered.

  • Climate

    Did you know that your home’s climate control is the biggest energy gobbler in the house? With smart, remote-controllable thermostats you’ll save on heating and cooling bills in no time.

  • Energy

    With our energy-saving accessories, you can remotely monitor and control the energy from anything that’s plugged into them. Take power over your home’s power consumption and save big!

  • Lighting

    Control your energy, your security and your moods! Easily replace your existing ‘dumb’ wall switches and dimmers with smart ones that can be controlled and automated from anywhere.

Freedom of Choice

Vera is about freedom of choice. While the other guys lock you into their systems, we don’t! We’re compatible with a wide variety of Certified Partner Devices, from dozens of top brands.

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Room to Grow

With Vera, you own your system. If you decide to move, it can easily move with you. We’re great for renters, homeowners, and perfect for second homes and vacation properties too.

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Guaranteed Compatibility

We guarantee that Vera will work with every Certified Partner Product! You have the flexibility to freely choose any of the partner products that meet your needs. Today, and tomorrow.

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Certified Device Partners

The Simplest Way to Control Your Home. Anytime. Anywhere.

We put the convenience, freedom, and peace of mind that a smart home provides, right in the palm of your hand. From any smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can view and manage your home. From the comfort of your couch, or from halfway around the world.
  • Control your front door, monitor your home and property.
  • View security cameras & receive notifications on your smartphone.
  • Automatically turn on your lights when a sensor is tripped.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your door is locked, and your home is safe and secure.
  • Expand your system to include a wide variety of certified partner devices.

Start living smarter, today.

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