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Vera’s Guarantee: Interoperability


Distinguishing Vera in the Home Control, Automation and Security industry is our unique guarantee of compatibility: Vera’s guarantee means that every new Z-Wave device  will work with your Vera system.

Considering there are many hundreds of compatible Z-Wave devices already, and new ones keep appearing every week, it’s quite a guarantee!

Vera makes this guarantee of “interoperability” because it future-proofs your investment in a Vera home control system. Many competitors require you to spend thousands of dollars in monthly fees, but it costs little or nothing to sign up. Vera requires no monthly fees, saving you thousands of dollars over just a year or two, and potentially tens of thousands over a decade or more. It’s an investment in upgrading your home, and Vera strives to keep Vera systems future-proof out of respect for that investment. As the “consumer’s choice” brand in home control, Vera will save you monthly fees forever!

Z-Wave is the leading low-power communications system for home control and security. Many competing systems claim to offer Z-Wave compatibility, but on closer inspection of which particular Z-Wave devices you can use in the system, you’ll find just a handful of choices. There’s a big difference between building Z-Wave into a home automation controller, and working out the details to get each new Z-Wave device to work with that controller. We know, because we do it every day.

You can see a list of Vera compatible devices here on the Vera wiki.

With a Vera system you never have to worry about “future-proofing” your home automation, control and security system, because we guarantee compatibility –even with new products that haven’t come on the market yet!

Best of all, your Vera system requires no monthly fees! And as you add more devices, it still requires no monthly fees. You own your equipment, you can move it and you can expand it, and keep expanding it as new Z-Wave sensors, alarms, dimmers, and other devices become available. That’s Vera’s guarantee.

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