Philio Siren

This Philio PSE02 Siren is a loud, multi-channel siren that works with any Vera controller, allowing you to program alerts for any event that occurs in your network. The Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren is designed for wall-mounting in an electrical box, and it has a DC jack to receive power from a 5VDC power supply. The power supply wires can easily be hidden behind the siren, which also supports an optional backup battery (included). In case of a power outage, the siren will automatically switch to the battery for power.

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This product can be included and operated in any Z-WaveTM network
with other Z-WaveTM certified devices from other manufacturers and/or
other applications. All non-battery operated nodes within the network
will act as repeaters regardless of vendor to increase reliability of the

Minimum 30 meters indoor,
70 meters outdoor line of sight.
Operating Temperature: -10oC ~ 40oC
For indoor use only.