NodOn Octan Powerful Remote Scene Controller

The OCTAN Remote NodOn controls any compatible receivers Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus, such as the Smart Plug NodOn. It can address, directly, up to 4 groups of 8 devices and sent up to 16 different scenes to a Home Automation Gateway. This controller can operate on its own (Standalone Mode) or as gateways assistant (Gateway Mode). The product integrates a LED, which give an intuitive feedback for each operation you perform.Based on an innovative technology, the OCTAN Remote NodOn is only powered with a CR2032 battery, offering 2 years autonomy.A magnetic wall support is included with your OCTAN Remote NodOn, which allow you to easily install and move it. This support can be screwed or fixed by adhesive bonding. The remote control embeds a small magnet, allowing fixing it on its wall support or on any metallic surface (fridge door, heater, etc.).The OCTAN Remote NodOn is based on brand new 500 series Z-Wave module from Sigma Designs, and supports all the new features of Z-Wave Plus standard: Longer range (up to 40 meters indoor), lower power consumption, higher data rate transmission, and many more new features.

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