Evolve In-Wall Dimmer

Z-Wave Certified Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled, 500-Watt, 120 VAC, Wall Mounted Dimmer. Evolve Z-Wave Wireless products are the most efficient and affordable solution for energy management and lighting control for the home. They are easy to install (no wiring is required) and they offer superior communication between controllers and devices creating a network between all the Z-Wave devices in your home. As each new Z-wave device is plugged in, it communicates with all the other devices, creating a “”mesh””, where each device knows who it can talk to. This Wall Mounted Dimmer receiver can be easily installed to directly or remotely control the ON/OFF and dimming of any connected incandescent lighting or control a motorized window shade or blind. Three way control is possible with an LTM-5.
Product is rated for a 500W incandescent (resistive) load.
This device works with many replacement LED bulbs, however is NOT compatible with low voltage LED fixtures, magnetic transformers, or any other inductive loads.

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