2GIG Glass Break Detector 433 MHz

The 2GIG‐GB3‐433 Glass Break Detector is a fully‐supervised, tamper‐protected, ceiling‐ or wall‐mounted unit. The detector provides a 15 ft (4.6 m) maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, It can distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common sounds found in homes and businesses. It can be used to protect area with a lot of glass for example large windows sliding doors, balconies etc.

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Feel safer and have peace of mind, monitor the sound of breaking glass
Create scenes and receive alerts using your web browser Vera app for iOS, Android and Windows app
Requires a VeraSecure Controller-EU

Part Number: 2GIG-GB1-433
Wireless Signal Range: 300 ft (91.44 m), open air
Code Outputs: Alarm; Alarm Restore; Tamper; Tamper Restore; Supervisory; Low Battery
Transmitter Frequency : 433.00 MHz (crystal controlled)
Supervisory Interval: 70 minutes
Sensor Type : Single microphone, dual stage thud, and crash
Maximum Horizontal Sensing Angle : 360° for ceiling mount or 180° for wall mount
Dimensions (D x H): 4.55 x 1.9 in (11.56 x 4.83 cm)
Weight (including battery & bracket): 5.1 oz (144.6 g)
Housing Material: ABS Plastic
Color: White
Operating Temperature Limits: 32° ‐ 120° F (0° ‐ 49° C)
Relative Humidity: 5 ‐ 90% Non ‐ Condensing
Battery (included, not installed): Two (2) CR 123A 3V or equivalent Lithium batteries
Approved Glass Break Simulator: FG ‐ 701 Glassbreak Simulator
Certification: Anatel, ETL , FCC, IC, IFETEL, and NOM