Fancy it Up with an Outdoor Umbrella with Lights

Outdoor Umbrella with Lights 


If you have a patio, an open garden, or simply a large front or back area, it’s ideal to set up a few tables for outdoor activities. Perhaps put a number of tables out so you can also host al fresco parties that take advantage of bright yet cool weather. Children’s parties, baby showers, even just simply lunch gatherings at home: your yard just became the ultimate celebration venue. Would you like to extend that function all the way till night time? An outdoor umbrella with lights could just be your answer. If you plan to put up these heavy-duty patio umbrellas so that you are shielded from the weather, why not improve their functionality by turning a plain umbrella into an outdoor umbrella with lights? There are a couple of options how to do it, and we at Vera have some ideas on how you can turn a plain umbrella into a tool to not only cover you from the rain, but also shine on you and elevate the ambience of the evening. 

Ready-Made Patio Umbrella Lights

         There are these ready made patio umbrella lights that automatically turn your heavy-duty patio umbrella into an outdoor umbrella with lights. They usually come in these cylindrical contraptions with a hole in the middle, and have a multitude of LED lights. When installing, simply place the shaft of the heavy-duty patio umbrella onto the hole at the middle, slide the gadget up the umbrella, and connect it as instructed. This way of creating your outdoor umbrella with lights is advantageous as there is almost no fuss. The disadvantage of using these for your heavy-duty patio umbrellas is that it only comes with one type of lighting. While these are versions that have Bluetooth speakers, sound is not the goal in having an outdoor umbrella with lights. If you have the option to customise your heavy-duty patio umbrella according to what type of light it emits, you’ll have to push a little further. 

Do It Yourself, Make It Work!

         Here are some ideas on how to customise your heavy-duty patio umbrella to turn it into a functional, personalised outdoor umbrella with lights. Grab your tool box and some wiring, because you’ll need them.


         String Lights


With different bulb sizes to choose from, string lights are automatic decorative ways to spruce up your heavy-duty patio umbrella to make them appropriate for nightly celebrations. An evening pool party would be best adorned with each table having an outdoor umbrella with lights that bring out a quaint glow that doesn’t drown out the evening’s darkness. Your heavy-duty patio umbrellas will obviously shield your string lights, that means you have better options as to how you will spruce up your heavy-duty patio umbrella. Weather resistance is not a worry.





Perhaps two powerful floodlights connected on top of your heavy-duty patio umbrella are enough to beam out a strong light for the evening. The difference in choosing floodlights for your outdoor umbrella with lights is that they become less decorative but more functional. This option turns your patio into a quieter venue for less active endeavours. A nightcap over a couple of beers or a cup of coffee? Reading your favourite book while listening to crickets or the rustling leaves? These are just options, but we’re not saying that parties with these types of outdoor umbrella with lights aren’t possible. Also, you may use your heavy-duty patio umbrella and bring them to other areas that might need task lighting. Place your outdoor umbrella with lights beside the car as you work on the engine. Mount your heavy-duty patio umbrella with the floodlights on the soil as you work on the garden. A heavy-duty patio umbrella imbued with floodlights is a great way to shine on your nightly activities. 


         Solar Energy  


Another option is to turn your floodlights or string lights into solar energy fixtures. While your heavy-duty patio umbrellas soak up all the sunlight in the day, take this opportunity to save on your electricity bills by updating your outdoor umbrella with lights with mini-solar panels and batteries. 

Need more Outdoor Lighting Ideas?

         Turning your heavy-duty patio umbrella into an outdoor umbrella with lights is just one way to spruce up your outdoors through lighting. There are myriads of ideas out there to brighten up your patio, yard, or lot, and we at Vera are here to help you. Take a look at our catalogue of lighting options here, and feel free to go through the entire website for other outdoor lighting ideas.


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