What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, maybe make a pot of coffee? Now imagine if your home woke up before you did. The lights would be slowly fading up, the house would be warming, and the coffee would be brewing ten minutes before your feet hit the floor.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that the afternoon sun streams into your living room, causing a glare on the TV while you’re trying to watch the game. With Vera, you don’t even have to get off the couch, because your shades can lower automatically at whatever time you choose.

Make your life easier

There are a lot of things we do every day without thinking. Turning on sprinklers, setting alarms, adjusting thermostats, and more. Now consider what life would be like if you didn’t have to think about these tasks at all. It wouldn’t change much in the big picture, but it would definitely make things easier—and in the long run, it will save you a lot of time, too.

Devices you’ll need to get started

Smart light bulbs
Smart plug
Other smart devices to add for additional comfort
  • Smart shades
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Or try one of these bundles

<p>Vera customer exclusive! If you have a VeraEdge, VeraPlus, or VeraSecure, buy a VistaCam 1200 and get a VistaCam 702 for half off! </p>
1 x VeraEdge Home Controller
2 x Philio Door /Window Sensors
2 x Philio Motion Sensors
1 x VistaCam 700 Indoor Wi-Fi Camera
1 x Vera Easy Start

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Never come home to a dark house again
Feel safer knowing that your home is always on and waiting for your arrival.
Simplify my everyday routines
Turn everything off with a tap and get out the door faster—mornings have never been easier.
Keep an eye on things from anywhere
Even when you’re far away, Vera helps you feel closer to home.

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