Ezlo Atom (EU)

Next generation home control

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Start small, think big

Our smallest, most affordable controller is the perfect way to get started with Vera and discover how home control can bring incredible convenience to your everyday life.

Get to know the Ezlo Atom

Just plug it in. It's that simple.

Designed for simplicity

No wires, no hassle. Simply plug the Atom into a spare USB adapter, download the app, and start adding smart devices to your system with just a tap.

Packed with power

With control for devices including lights, sensors, doorlocks, thermostats, and more, Atom can save you time, money, and the effort of performing routine daily tasks around your home.

Atom can help you with

  • Security

    Lock your door from anywhere and get notified when your motion sensors detect something out of the ordinary.

  • Lighting Control

    Turn on the lights before you get home—with Vera you’ll never come home to a dark house again.

  • Leak detection

    Pair Atom with water leak and humidity sensors to stop small things from becoming big ones.

  • What else can it do?

    Compare the features of PlugHub Energy with our other hubs to find the one that’s right for you.

Get a smart home for life, guaranteed.

No other company has you covered like this. With the purchase of any Ezlo hub you'll get:

Anywhere access for your home
The industry's longest warranty
Our one-of-a-kind integration guarantee
Always up-to-date cloud infrastructure
Live customer care every day

What’s new in v2?

More memory means it’s a faster hub, with better responsiveness and control for more devices.

Advanced scene creation tools give you more options to have home just the way you like it.

Ezlo VOI lets you incorporate devices connected to Alexa or Google Assistant in your scenes, unifying all your smart devices in a single interface.