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Z-Wave Smoke Detectors Are No-Brainers

Z-Wave Smoke Detectors Are No-Brainers

Every home in the U.S. is equipped with smoke detectors because these are considered essential safety devices that can literally save lives if, for example, a fire starts downstairs in the kitchen while everyone is asleep upstairs in the bedrooms.

Saving human life is always the top priority, which is why the law requires smoke detectors that alert people in a home. But pets and property are important too! Even if you're not at home when a fire starts, don't you want to know about it?

That's the logic behind adding one or more Z-Wave Smoke Detectors to your Vera smarter home control system. Of course, just like ordinary smoke detectors they sound loud, piercing alarms that will wake everyone up in an emergency.

But it's what these "smart" smoke detectors can do when no one is home that makes them different: They alert your Vera system that there's a problem. So you can receive a text message, or an email, letting you know there's trouble. If you've got cameras installed at home, you can even check in to see if any problem is visible. You can go home yourself, call a neighbor, or even call the local fire department.

For elderly relatives who may have problems hearing an alarm, or even smelling smoke, adding Z-Wave Smoke Detectors to their Vera system provide you with another layer of peace of mind. You'll know that if a fire should start or other problems occur, you (and other members of your family who may be taking care of this relative) will be immediately notified.

Another smaller benefit of these Z-Wave Smoke Detectors is that your Vera system also gets remote battery level info from them. So you'll know when to replace batteries without having to push those annoying ear-piercing "test" buttons.

The Z-Wave Smoke Detectors act as direct replacements for your existing smoke detectors. You can find them in our Vera store, and of course, your Vera system will also work with many other makes and models (just about any brand that uses Z-Wave will be compatible -- there are also third-party Z-Wave carbon monoxide detectors available.)

Adding a "Smart Smoke Detector" to your system is easy: Just remove the old smoke detector, replace it with a new Z-Wave Smoke Detector, and "pair" the new device into your system.

Once your home is equipped with these essential safety devices, you may not exactly sleep better, but you will enjoy vacations and your time away from home with that much less to worry about.

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